The concept of CenterMass was developed between two lifetime friends in 2018. Nick Moss and Kenn Teasdale had an idea to build a company that took care of drivers and carriers equally. For so long carriers have had the advantage with drivers holding the weight of their companies on their shoulders. Nick and Kenn decided that was not only hurting drivers, but it was destroying the professional relationships with the carriers. Drivers communicate on the road and BAD NEWS travels fast. By giving the drivers a voice and an agent that can help mediate between the driver and the carriers they work for. 

Drivers are an essential part of our daily lives, with the majority of goods used being delivered by truck at some point. By bridging the communication gap between each driver and their employer it forges a more stable relationship.

Each time a driver changes jobs, their value is decreased and the carrier now has to hire, train, and build a new relationship with a new employee. Our goal is to help the driver stay, and help the carrier retain more qualified drivers. 

CenterMass helps drivers retain their value and helps carriers cut the costs of training new employees, by keeping the relationship healthy between the two. 


Nicholas Moss

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President and CEO 

Kenneth Teasdale

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Brittney Fordham

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V.P of Recruiting Operations

McKenzie Shuldbergs

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Director of Project Management

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